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Welcome to Ideas to Reality

A different approach to developing entrepreneurs

Why did I create Ideas to Reality?

I believe that there’s untapped potential in people out there. People that have thought about an idea that could turn into something great but don’t act on it because they didn’t have the support, the affirmation, or the know-how. People are left to themselves to learn how to follow through on an idea. There’s a lack of mentors out there. Investors could be mentors but most just look to invest in big ideas or entrepreneurs with “exits”. How are new entrepreneurs supposed to get started if they don’t know how to develop their idea and don’t have track record of success? Imagine a world if everyone with a good idea had the support to see it through. Ideas to Reality is here to develop these overlooked entrepreneurs

You don’t need to solve a problem

Most startup literature tells you to solve a problem. What problem does Disney, Snapchat, Candy Crush or Starbucks solve? None. They created new demand by creating great experiences that make their users and clients love their product. Start-up culture sprang from technologists who solve problems. There is a place in the world for solving problems but products and services that that make us happier are being overlooked. Rather than finding problems to solve that make our lives incrementally better, find something you care about and work on creating a great experience that moves your audience.

How you position your product is more important than your product

Have you started to think about an idea, go to the internet to do some research and then give up on the idea because you see someone else doing something similar? You’re giving up too soon! With a pps these days, it’s less about the product and more about how you position your product to attack a target market and being creative with your business model (e.g. Uber). It’s how you execute. Technology is only the conduit of your vision and can be reproduced relatively easily, it’s probably the least important aspect of an app idea these days.

What can you expect from Ideas to Reality

My philosophy is focused on helping entrepreneurs build the foundation for a successful business. I believe future innovations will come from how well entrepreneurs execute the 6 steps of my process. The focus today is on tactics and product. It is not where people will win. You may have executed some of these steps before, but I will help you see them differently.

Start with Why

Why are you developing this idea? Your purpose will be the guiding light to align your decisions.
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Value Proposition

How will you change people’s behavior and not just make their lives incrementally better?
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Secret Sauce

How are you uniquely positioned to deliver on your idea? What tribal knowledge do you have?
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Business Model

Position your product by telling a great story and maximize the lifetime value of your customers. 
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How will you deliver your idea to your target audience and minimize your risk?
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How do you know what you don’t know? How are you prepared to deal with setbacks?
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Great Things Happen When You Learn

Check out the Knowledge Base, find great books related to your current step in the process

How Ideas to Reality will accomplish its mission

If you have an idea and don’t know where to start or If you’re stuck on something, your’re not alone. Ideas to Reality is a community of people I’ve met on my journey that are here to help you. Sometimes one simple decision can make all the difference. I launched “Ideas to Reality” to inspire people to think differently, arm them with the skills they need to succeed and the discipline to follow through. In a world full of abundance, “Ideas to Reality” is ready to help you claim your piece of the pie.

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