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I am a techno-historian of the Internet Age. I possess more than sixteen years of digital development experience in a 25-year-old industry. I use what I know to define, strive, reach for and achieve ambitions – corporate ambitions, entrepreneurial ambitions, the ambitions of one.

I learn by listening to people, talking to people and sharing ideas with people. I learn at conventions, symposiums, conferences, seminars, lectures, meetings and talks. I learn through presentations, demonstrations, digital media, books, white papers and letters. I learn as much from my success as I do from my failures. I learn from what I do right and what I do wrong.

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You know me by What I do

I help mighty corporations, modest companies and entrepreneurs design, launch and create the products and services they need to pursue to attain and retain success. I help give voice to their aspirations, define their goals, marshal their resources, create their strategies and execute their plans so they own the results when their dream comes true.

I deliver truth and defend truth. I leverage my experiences, learnings and my community to guide, teach and mentor those I work with.

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You know me byMy works

I have helped public and private companies develop and deploy software in my capacity as a Technical Architect and Management Consultant. Along the way, I have learned what doesn’t work and why as well as what works and why.

I help entrepreneurs launch start-up companies and take away lessons from those that succeed and those who fail. I understand that failure is not final and informs the explorers who apply what they learn to achieve victory.

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I am William Wong

The founder of Ideas to Reality. I collaborate with innovative visionaries to create tomorrow, fulfill their potential and prosper equally to their ambition.

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Testimonials about my mentorship

These are entrepreneurs from a variety of industries.

I was looking for a developer to help me build an app for my business. I looked for over a year and got ranges in price that varied by more 3x of the lowest price. I didn't know who to trust. William worked with me to develop requirements for my app and represented me to help find the right development partner from his trusted network. I feel he got me a better price than I could've gotten myself for a quality product that was delivered on time.

Danette - Founder - Evaluate App

Having worked with mentors before, I bring a different perspective. William has a very practical hands-on approach that allows for ideas to be implemented. A talented individual that truly cares about the projects he takes on. 

Roberto - President - DivPixel